Background of the Principal

Jeff Walkowski is the principal of Inc., providing traditional and internet-based qualitative research services.

  "A Picture of Jeff"

Jeff has been in the marketing research industry for nearly 15 years. He was schooled as a quantitative specialist and entered the industry as a statistician, but he discovered his natural abilities as a moderator and gradually evolved into a qualitative specialist. His general approach is to clarify objectives and employ methods that will yield information which minimizes the risks associated with marketing decisions.

Thriving on variety, Jeff is equally adept in front of respondents, over the phone with them, or facilitating a discussion over the Internet.

Cultivating a global perspective on marketing and marketing research, Jeff has provided on-site supervision of international qualitative projects in Moscow, Rome, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Prior to starting his own firm, Jeff was with The M/A/R/C Group. Over the course of his nearly 12 years with M/A/R/C, he played many roles, including Senior Statistical Analyst, Account Executive, and Director of Qualitative Research Services. Before joining M/A/R/C, Jeff was with Future Computing, the first market research company that devoted itself to the (at the time) budding personal computing industry.

Jeff holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University, and an MS (Educational Research) and BA (Psychology) from Southern Connecticut State University. He received Advanced Moderator's Training from RIVA, and is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.

Background of the Principal
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