QualCore.com provides superior qualitative research skills and professional client service. Here is a sampling of client feedback.

"Working with Jeff is always a pleasure; but more importantly, itís always productive. Jeff has an excellent ability to grasp the core issues driving a project; he provides wise counsel on study design and screening criteria. He carries through by structuring a discussion guide linked directly to our key objectives (often using his moderatorís skills to steer us away from tempting 'nice to knows!'). Jeffís natural talent as a qualitative researcher, however, is most apparent in the way he draws out consumers' opinions and emotions ñ even on sensitive subjects. His sessions are lively discussions, enjoyable for the participants and meaningful for the client."

Director of Marketing Research, Continuity Programs Company

"I have worked with Jeff doing focus groups, one-on-ones, and mini-groups across different product and service categories. This includes both businesses and consumers, and a mix of in-person, telephone, and online groups. For me, one of Jeffís obvious strengths is his flexibility, and his ability to adapt to different situations, environments, and types of respondents. And he is well versed in recommending one method over another depending on the situation.

"Jeff has a moderating style that works. He has a knack for making participants feel comfortable, while retaining the role of neutral moderator. He manages his time well in a focus group or depth interview, and he does not fall into some negative tendencies that I have seen in some other moderators ñ talking too much and asking 'leading' questions."

Vice President, Market Research Supplier

"Jeff has been an exceptional moderator for me. I often have subjects to be discussed that are quite technical in nature. Jeff has always been a quick study and very creative in doing my groups. He 'follows up' well and presents a thorough report. I appreciate his capabilities and would highly recommend him to anyone."

Marketing Research Manager, Telecommunications Company

"I wish to commend Jeff Walkowski on the outstanding job he did in moderating our thirty recent focus groups. He did a great job of getting the participants to discuss the rather unglamorous task of grocery shopping. He was able to keep all participants actively engaged in conversation and focused on the subject. He probed key points and yet kept the participants relaxed and comfortable. His instincts in leading the discovery process allowed us to gather much more information than we had initially hoped.

"Jeff is a true professional and is a pleasure to work with. He was key to the success of our project and I have no doubt we would have learned less about consumer shopping habits and patterns without his assistance. He definitely added value to our fiscal investment in these focus groups."

Marketing Manager, Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"Jeff managed the [bulletin board] group very effectively - he insured full respondent participation and clarified when necessary. His report was comprehensive, insightful, and on time!"

Marketing Research Manager, Telecommunications Company

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